Try a New Platform/Tool

  1. Read the documentation, review some examples. Does this fit your goals?
  2. Sign up to get an account.
  3. Play and try one out.  | Documentation:
Content is built with items containing some descriptive metadata and a file(s).

WordPress (hosted): | Documentation:
Content is focused on writing and arranging serial posts and pages, inserting/sharing images.

  • Sign up for an account, and select a blog. Follow directions for selection a domain
  • Write a post or two, think about categories/tags, and topics for future posts.
  • Think about scheduling posts, timeline for asking for content, reviewing, editing, publishing.

StoryMapJS, https: //
Create place-placed stories that rely on locations that have content connected to a place (descriptions, media files, links) related to the story arc.

  • You need a Google account before getting started.
  • Create a slide show, where each slide is placed at a specific location, and each slide contains some type of content.
  • Once saved, StoryMapJS can be embedded into blogs and any type of webpage.

Create a timeline by following their directions.

  • Follow directions for formatting a spreadsheet.
  • Create content for each date entry in the spreadsheet. Follow directions for generating the timeline.
  • Once saved, timelines can be embedded into blogs and any type of webpage.

Social Media Plan
Consider which platforms you want to use based on your visitors.
(Review information from National Archives: & Histories of the National Mall (RRCHNM)

  • Find out who is on which platforms and how does that align with your visitors & aspirational visitors,
  • Sign for a few non-museum accounts on services new to you (Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram) to see how they can serve your goals.
  • Make informed selections, consider frequency of posting, personnel responsible, lists of possible posts