Day 1

February 7: Working and Sharing Online


Resources: Library of articles addressing onsite and online museum attendance:


Morning (9am-12pm)

9-10:15:  Introductions and discuss readings

Please tweet/post about your experiences #networkedcurator

What does this group of curators like to do when they visit a museum?

How do you compare with the August Cohort?

10:15-30: Break

10:30-12: Digital systems in Museums, and digital art history

Lunch (12-1pm)

Afternoon (1-4pm)

1-2:15pm: Digital Project Planning:

Make copies of worksheets and copy them into your own Google Drive, so you can work on them this afternoon.

  • Big ideas
  • Finding Similar Projects

Work in small groups on planning worksheets:

  1. Shanice Bailey, Christa Clarke, Fabian Wolf, Victoria Gerard
  2. Austen Barron Bailly,Rose Bouthillier,Danisha Baker-Whitaker, Andrew Eschelbacher
  3. Victoria Lyall, Tamera Muente, Logan Sisley
  4. Haley Berkman, Staci Steinberger, Gilbert Vicario

2:15-30pm: Break

2:30-3:45 pm:

Work in small groups on planning worksheets

3:45-4:00pm :

Come together and wrap up the day.